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Netronics Coverage Tool (WCT) enables you to easily test the coverage of NetronicsWBS-2400 base stations in their actual locations. This takes the guessing game out of your installation process and allows you to optimize your site selection and network coverage.

The WCT allows you to test and validate the superior performance offered by NetronicsWBS-2400 base stations by measuring the range and throughput at every location throughout your coverage area.

The WCT provides you invaluable marketing information. The actual test results enable you to focus your marketing efforts in those areas where coverage has been validated and to guarantee the performance levels at each of your customer locations.

WCT is a critical and inexpensive tool to ensure a smooth deployment. Furthermore, the simple interface allows you to set it up and get going in no time. WCT is your key to a smooth, successful and cost-effective deployment.


How it works
The WCT allows you to measure the actual coverage and throughput in actual deployment settings. To operate the WCT all you need is to install it on a laptop, run the IPERF application on the server, and then take a drive in the area around the installed base station. Along the route, the WCT will collect the following parameters:

  • Coverage at each point

  • Throughput at each point

These results can be graphically displayed over Google Earth maps while you are driving and after completion (you will need of course to install Google Earth on your laptop).

The WCT is the ideal tool not only for the planning phase of your project but also as part of your on going periodical check-ups of your system. This will ensure your installation is functioning optimally and that you achieved the targeted coverage.


The WCT package Includes

  1. WCT software pack, including the measurement tool and the IPERF tool (runs on the PC at the base station side)

  2. Wi-Fi client

  3. Wi-Fi booster

  4. Magnetic omni-directional antenna

  5. USB GPS receiver

  6. Cables and power adaptors

  7. Drivers and manuals

The WCT computational requirements
Mobile Mapping Laptop

Light-weight laptop with Windows XP or 2000, Pentium IV, 512 MB RAM,1GB of disk space, 4 USB ports

  • Google Earth pre-installed (nota must – only for graphical representation of results)

  • 2 free USB ports – one for GPS, one for USB Wi-Fi client Traffic Generating PC (base station side)Laptop or desktop PC with Windows XP or 2000, Pentium IV, 512 MB RAM



  • Save time and resources The WCT allows you to eliminate the guessing game and optimize the number of base-stations needed to cover your area.

  • Optimize your deployment The WCT allows you to efficiently plan your deployment and optimize your performance and cost.

  • Gain marketing information The WCT provides you with powerful marketing information regarding coverage levels at each location, allowing you to focus your resources on high throughput areas.

  • Guaranteed performance The WCT can help you ensure the performance levels throughout you deployment.

  • Straightforward operation The WCT is simple and easy to operate.

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