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Mobile Phone
Security Surveillance


As Public Safety issues grow increasingly more complex to address, the end goal still remains straightforward: to empower the community with reliable security services and enable the routine of daily life to proceed comfortably.

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Network Hub and Cable


The Challenge: You are an ISP in with present or planned operation in urban or rural area in which the communications infrastructure is limited, cooper quality is not good enough for DSL service, distances are longer than the DSL limits, or the local Telco owning the land network is your competitor?

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Networking Event


The Challenge: You have two weeks to build IT infrastructure for a new building on the other side of town. How can you connect this facility to the enterprise network in time and within your tight budget?

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On Site Gas Production


Few markets have more to gain from reliable, high-capacity wireless broadband solutions that cover dozens or even hundreds of square miles than the oil & gas industry. Reduced lifting costs, remote video surveillance, VoIP and even multimegabit mobile access over water or on wheels can be delivered under a single solution.

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Outdoor Ice Skating


Leave politics out of the equation; when it comes to the success of local government, the only true benchmark for public satisfaction is quality of life. From small rural townships and large counties to the sprawl and bustle of urban centers, maintaining the integrity and comfort of “the Community” is a complex sequence of challenges

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miners working


Wireless broadband provides the communication backbone required by every open-pit mining operation. Fast, secure data transfer, VoIP telephony and video surveillance are all supported by a single wireless communication platform from Netronics.

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New York Sea Port


Seaports around the world are constantly facing new challenges, particularly as legislature makes demands for better security and telecommunications industries integrate technological innovations. Similar to other traditional business, seaport authorities are being forced to improve their IT infrastructures in order to remain competitive.

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Water Disinfection


Wireless broadband is the best platform for improved efficiency security, offering reliable and high-capacity connectivity to water utilities, which is essential for providing  and maintaining  a  high-level of service.

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Water Disinfection


Not Available

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