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Oil, Gas & Industries Applications

Netronics: Pumping Up Productivity

Few markets have more to gain from reliable, high-capacity wireless broadband solutions that cover dozens or even hundreds of square miles than the oil & gas industry. Reduced lifting costs, remote video surveillance, VoIP and even multimegabit mobile access over water or on wheels can be delivered under a single solution. But the big benefits can only be realized using solutions that are specifically designed for the harsh oil & gas environment.


Communications Infrastructure in the Oil Field: Wireless is the Way

The oil patch is a dynamic place where things constantly change, the environment is unforgiving and the locations are often remote. It is a place where function is everything, and everything has a purpose. That purpose is to squeeze out every possible drop of productivity. In the modern oil field effective communications networks are key to enabling and maximizing efficiencies and driving down overall lifting costs. Today, the best communications infrastructure technology for the oil & gas industry is wireless broadband.

Unlike traditional point-to-point microwave, wireless broadband or “WiMAX” refers to wireless cells many miles in diameter, each enabling anyone or anything within the footprint to be connected. This “multipoint” method of access is very economical and provides extremely reliable links and excellent redundancy options to ensure that you remain connected. Solutions from Netronics can provide over 120 Mbps of capacity in each such cell – enough to support many concurrent applications across the operational region.

Netronics in the Oil Field: As Rugged asthe People, Places, and Machines it Must Connect

Netronics is a global wireless broadband and WiMAX leader and is legendary for its rugged gear. Whether the need is a televised expedition to the summit of Mt. Everest, scientific weather research up in the ionosphere or the remote operation of mining cars deep underground, Netronics has been building broadband wireless networks in harsh environments for over a decade.

Keep an Eye on Critical
Remote Assets

Netronics manufacturing is ISO certified and its products undergo rigorous environmental testing to include salt spray, water immersion, and dust intrusion. Netronics award winning products enjoy a mean time between failure (MTBF) of over 11 years. All of which explains why from the Gulf of Mexico to the oil fields of Venezuela to the Yellow River delta in China, Netronics WiMAX and wireless broadband access solutions are deployed by many of the leading oil & gas companies.

Netronics oil & gas solutions offer unequaled coverage and capacity – to over 300 square miles and over 120 Mbps throughput per cell, supporting frequencies 2.4 GHz to 5.8 GHz and address the major bands of every global region and regulatory authority. And by offering both licensed and unlicensed solutions, regardless of where in the world your field is located, Netronics has a wireless solution to suit your needs.

With built-in hardware based AES encryption, virus protection features, advanced VLAN support, you always know that your network is secure. And with Netronics advanced technology offering over 250 simultaneous VoIP calls per sector, real-time prioritization of multimedia packets like video and QoS mechanisms, you can be confident your network will support the diverse mission critical applications you need to provide.

Oil, Gas and Industrial Communications

Surveillance and Monitoring
Miles of unprotected pipeline make an attractive target. Expensive wellhead equipment can be vandalized. Netronics solutions enable you to efficiently keep an eye on your remote high value sites, for both security and operational data.

Real-time Seismic Data
Seismic surveys create vast amounts of data in remote locations. Now that data can be wirelessly sent back to headquarters for immediate analysis.

Spill Prevention & Monitoring
Meeting the needs of even high-volume call centers, a Netronics point-to-point wireless network enables up to 1,000 simultaneous high-quality voice calls (VoIP), or 288 calls per sector in point-to-multipoint applications. 

Remote Office Solutions
Keep work crews connected and get access to VoIP, SCADA data and email even while traveling betweenremote sites. No more leaving the field to file or collect reports.

IP to the Wellhead
As IP networks extend to the wellhead, experts predict that in the near future each wellhead will require 5 Mbps to 7 Mbps of communications capacity. Wireless broadband is the only cost-effective solution to deliver such performance.

Rig-to-ship & Rig-to-shore Communications
Transmit critical information to and from an inbound tanker or maintenance boat. Conduct a video conference or remote training session between an off-shore platform and corporate headquarters.

Asset Tracking
Oil & gas, mining, refining and other industrial operations include moving and re-locatable assets. Continuously and effortlessly track the location of every critical asset in the field, in real time, to improve operations and to enhance safety and security.

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