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Netronics Technologies is a leading supplier of wireless communications and networking equipment for IP and TDM traffic based on the latest radio technologies. Netronics is a one stop shop for wireless communications equipment needed for today's bandwidth thirsty market. The wide range of applications include point to point links for corporate backbone, industrial networking, government and society connectivity solutions, rural area communications, wireless ISPs and many other application. High quality, carrier class performance and industry leading reliability have been defining the policies in Netronics since the beginning and it will continue to be the main approach in our development for new products and services.

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Only the Best

As a solid part of its commercial philosophy, Netronics considers each clients as a department in its own corporation.
A robust partner network has been developed over the years consisting of companies with reputed, talented and professional staff who are sensitive about the quality of the services they offer.
Companies with the same philosophy are always welcome to join our team of the leading wireless networking resellers and system integrators.


NetStream 5x200

Native TDM wireless backhaul link for up to 200 Mbps (100 Mbps full duplex) and up to 16 x E1 lines.

NetStream 5x200 is ideally suited to meet the connectivity needs of cellular operators, service providers, enterprises and private networks, providing high capacity connectivity of up to 200 Mbps (100 Mbps full duplex) at ranges of up to 120 Km / 70 miles.

Available with a wide range of frequency bands and configurations, the cost-effective NetStream 5x200 solutions are extremely simple to install and maintain, and are typically up and running in less than an hour.

Learn more about this product.

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Hot-zone and Hot-spots

Netronics NetPoint Pro n base stations enable carriers, internet service providers, governments and private networks to deploy outdoor Wi-Fi networks in metropolitan and rural areas. Read more


Public Safety

As Public Safety issues grow increasingly more complex to address, the end goal still remains straightforward: to empower the community with reliable security services and enable the routine of daily life to proceed comfortably. Read more

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