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NetStream 5x750 G2

Wireless backhaul link for up to 500 Mbps (250 Mbps full duplex)

  • High transmit power of 26 dBm, suitable for connecting long distances up to 120 km / 75 Miles

  • Higher performance due to 2x2 MIMO radio configuration

  • Very low error rate with PER of 10-11

  • Excellent non-line of site performance

  • GPS synchronization for installation of many radios in short spacing on a single tower

NetStream 5x750 G2 is ideally suited to meet the connectivity requirements in the last mile connecting remote cameras to the network or connecting clients to the nearest backhaul. IT can be used for cost efficient enterprize back haul connectivity between branch bulidings.

Available with a wide range of frequency bands and configurations, the cost-effective NetStream 5x750 G2 is extremely simple to install and maintain, and is typically up and running in less than an hour.

Key Benefits

  • Cost efficient link without sacrificing radio performance

  • Superior OFDM and MIMO technologies

  • Industry proven solution; thousands of systems installed at leading carrier sites globally

  • Extremely simple to install and maintain (minimal OPEX)

  • Available in license exempt frequencies, eliminating regulatory overhead and reducing network ramp-up time

  • Lower cost of ownership significantly reduces both CAPEX and OPEX

Thanks to its high transmit power and highly sensitive receiver, NetStream 5x750 G2 can deliver stable and robust links for transfer of IP traffic. The actual range is more dependent to the installation site than to the radio characteristics. If a clear line of site is provided distances up to 120 km / 75 Miles are easily achievable. Due to the propietary air frame and using advanced error correction routines, the links are extremely stable and can easily replace cable based solutions and licensed radio links in serious carrier level scenarios.

Netronics NetStream 5x750 G2 can also be installed in a unique Multiple-Point-to-Point architecture; multiple units are deployed in one hub site location, from where they provide a dedicated high-capacity connection to each remote site.

The Multiple-Point-to-Point concept builds on GPS synchronization feature, which synchronizes the transmission of collocated NetStream 5x750 G2 radios thus removing potential interference commonly experienced with collocated TDD radios.

Build for extra stability in license exempt band, NetStream 5x750 G2 is using different techniques to cope with radio interference. Among them there is provision for changing the channel from the present working channel to one of the pre-configured free channels in the case of interference. The channel change is happening fast enough to be transparent for the IP traffic.

It can also select the best channel size according to the spectrum and noise at the installation site.

NetStream 5x750 G2 provides a cost efficient replacement for costly cable installations and connects tough non-line of site locations, all at a minimal cost compared to the performance and reliability delivered.

NetStream 5x750 G2 is widely used for last mile applications for:

  • Internet connection at remote sites

  • Metro WiFi coverage networks

  • Enterprise backhaul when the organizations operate in different buildings in a city

  • Connection of PBX systems in different buildings of an organizations

  • Connecting remote cameras to the nearest POP site in a city wide video surveillance network. 

Using OFDM technology along with an accurate wireless modem and a sensitive radio, NetStream 5x750 G2 is capable of delivering a stable link in non-line of site scenarios in which other wireless networking devices either fail to connect, or provide a poor and unstable links. This is a major advantage when the link is used for GSM BTS backhaul in dense urban environments. NetStream has been installed in the most challenging situations and have been able to provide an error free and stable link for long time.

NetStream 5x750 G2 is using a wide band radio along with a flexible wireless modem making it possible to configure the operational frequency between 4.9 to 6.0 GHz in a single unit. This gives the owners the freedom to use more vacant frequency bands (when allowed) without buying a new unit specific to the new target band. This is possible through a wide band synthesizer based radio circuit which is least dependent to the center frequency.


  • Transmit power of 26 dBm

  • IP traffic capacity up to 500 Mbps (250 Mbps full duplex)

  • Automatic Channel Selection for resilience against interference

  • Automatic channel bandwidth selection between 10, 20, 40 and 80 MHz channel bandwidths

  • Dual polarization on the same channel of 80 MHz delivering 500 Mbps, highest bit/Hertz ratio in its class

  • GPS and Hub site synchronization facility providing the possibility of installing many links in close distances on the same tower. Can synchronized different radios of the same family.

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